Naked muse


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  1. Duzahn 2 years ago

    What's up just like to get to know you

  2. Disida 2 years ago

    As far as males go, they have an unfair rearing/upbringing, beginning from toys of destruction (toy guns, fighting actions figures, etc taught that might makes right , taught that as a male you have certain rights to things w/out question. if you want it take it . Taught that to be heard you must be loud. Taught to never show weakness or another male will make you a doormat, the list is extensive and very counterproductive. It is everywhere. Then other males push other males to think alike because misery loves company and mob mentality is quite intoxicating as well as toxic. So if you were able to break these shackles. you have proven to be more a man than anyone else. because you longer abide by it, you are your own person.

  3. Tesida 2 years ago

    Good BJ but i think i hands free finish would have been finer.

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